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Control Union validates and verifies first project under Plastic Waste Reduction Program

Our client Second life has received the very first Plastic Credits that were issued under Verra’s Plastic Waste Reduction Program.
The Plastic Waste Reduction Program, managed by the non-profit Verra, issues Plastic Credits to projects that verifiably reduce or remove plastic waste through collection or recycling activities. The recipient of the first Plastic Credits is Control Union’s client Second Life Thailand. Second Life Thailand works primarily on islands, where it prevents plastic from leaking into the ocean and decimating marine populations.

Plastic Credits serve an important function for companies that have taken steps to reduce their plastic footprint within their value chain and seek to address plastic leakage outside their value chain. This beyond-value chain investment, facilitated by Plastic Credits, helps finance essential plastic waste management systems across the globe.

The revenue from Plastic Credits makes it possible for Second Life Thailand to initiate and scale up activities that increase the collection and recycling of plastic waste. Following the audit, conducted by Control Union Thailand, they were issued a first round of 734 Plastic Credits.

We look forward to continue to support them in their journey to recover and recycle plastic waste and generate new sources of income for local communities. Read more about our services for the Plastic Waste Reduction Program here. If you have any questions about the program, contact us via
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