AB - Agriculture Biologique France

Control Union Inspections France (CUIF) is approved by the National Institute of Origin and quality (INAO), under the number FR-BIO-19, to certify operators based in France, against EU - Regulation EEC No. 834/2007 of Organic Production and additional AB regulations.

The certification of organic operators is a voluntary process. It is open to all operators whose production, preparation, distribution and import activities are in the scope of European and French organic regulations.

The scope of our agreement allows us to certify the following product categories:

  • Unprocessed plant products
  • Live animals or unprocessed animal products
  • Processed agricultural products for use as food
  • Processed agricultural products for use as feed (excluding petfood)
  • Vegetative propagating material and seeds for cultivation

In order to obtain an offer, without obligation, please complete and return one of the following application forms, as appropriate:

Request for AB certification offer - Producer

Request for AB certification offer - Other operator

In order to consult the certification status of an operator, you can perform a search via the search engine below:

AB Certificates

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