AWS - Alliance For Water Stewardship

Control Union Certifications is structurally engaged in services for sustainable water users since 2010.  Audit and certification services for AWS (Alliance For Water Stewardship) are offered globally while we offer EWS (European Water Stewardship) only operators in Europe. AWS is a partner organization of EWS.
The AWS standard is aimed to be applicable to a broad range of water users that may affect the availability and quality of water. In fact members of any sector (agriculture, industry, municipalities, airports etc.) can apply for certification. The main focus points of the standard are sustainable water abstraction, good water status, High Conservation Value areas and water governance.

AWS accreditation is based on the normative requirements of the AWS system, i.e. the AWS International Water Stewardship Standard (AWS Standard), AWS Interim Accreditation Requirements, AWS Certification Requirements and AWS Self-Verification Requirements.