CEPA Certified

Founded, in 1974, CEPA #TheGoodPestManager is the European Association of Professional Trained Pest Managers uniting 65 national associations and international companies along the whole pest management chain in 23 European countries. CEPA primarily represents the European Pest Management service sector which is made up fundamentally of a network of European SMEs with an enormous economic growth potential.  Our mission as a service sector is to contribute to the protection and assure the wellbeing of EU citizens in the context of Smart, Sustainable, Healthy Cities. We work with a broad range of key actors in local society from local communities and manufacturing to catering, hospital, retail services, business and political institutions. With the background of climate change and its implications for a more complicated management of growing cities and suburbs, assuring tangible sustainable solutions for the well-being of citizens is more relevant and challenging than ever.

CEPA 2020

The aim is to ensure the health and safety of all EU citizens.

CEPA is paving the road towards official recognition of a responsible professional pest management sector as an integral service provider within the EU regulatory framework.

CEPA developed a self-regulatory agreement for the professionalization of the sector. This Memorandum of Understanding is being concluded with, but not limited to, institutions and businesses such as local authorities, EU representatives of hospitals, retailers, food manufacturers, catering, etc. The aim is to establish the foundations of a responsible and sustainable pest management sector that actively contributes to ensure the health and safety of all EU citizens both in an urban environment and beyond. The core of such an agreement is the CEPA Certification® scheme, which is underpinned by the European standard EN 16636 within an integrated minimum training framework. The CEPA Certified® scheme is the only European pest management standard with an external, independently audited quality control system.

CEPA members also endorse the causes laid out by the WHO ‘Healthy Cities’ initiative. Accordingly, we have started a journey to communicate how pest management services protect citizens and ensure Healthy Cities.

In order to trigger the principles of the professional pest management Memorandum of Understanding, we are, under the umbrella of the European Commission sustainability agenda, developing a pilot project in several main European cities. The key performance indicators of this pilot project will demonstrate how a coordinated pest management program, conducted by pest control service professionals, can be sustainable, improve the health parameters of a city, and contribute to the quality of life for its citizens.

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