Control Union Fair Choice

The social and environmental demands of our planet today, require the adoption of specific certification tools for auditing social and environmental issues among companies and farmers. The Control Union social and fair trade standard - CU Fair Choice - is based on the development of human, social, environmental and economic principles.

To become certified, companies must demonstrate compliance with the criteria listed in the standard.

Being certified by CU Fair Choice is a guarantee that companies are committed to sustainable development and the improvement of social conditions, meeting the demands of a growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.

CU Fair Choice has developed its criteria to bring together CU's experience of auditing different organisations around the world, based on the following principles:
  • Social -  compliance with ILO conventions and national legislation.
  • Environmental  – natural resources, water, waste and biodiversity management.
  • Fair Trade and management systems (optional).
  • Economic – transparency.

This standard is applicable to any type of organisation independent of its scale.

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