Control Union Medical Cannabis Standard

Control Union Medical Cannabis Standard G.A.P. (CUMCS – GAP) serves as a practical manual for Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P.) of medical cannabis anywhere in the world.
Cannabis is not a drug, it is not registered as a drug and its efficacy and safety in use for medical purposes has not been proven. However, there is evidence that cannabis may help patients with certain medical conditions and ease their suffering. The aim of the standard is to ensure the best quality and consistency in the production of the product.

This standard is based on
  1. The World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines: WHO Guidelines on good agricultural & collection practices (GACP) for medicinal plants - Geneva 2003
  2. Guidelines of the Dutch Government for Cannabis for Medical Use: Guidelines for cultivating cannabis for medicinal purposes, Nederland, December 2002
  3. International Standard for Good Agriculture Practice: GLOBAL G.A.P. IFA 4.0 (FV), March 2013

 This standard includes coverage of:

  1. Growth of seedlings of genetically approved species: Genotype, Chemotype, Phenotype, infection prevention, traceability
  2. Farm structure approved by the government authorities.
  3. Quality of final product.
  4. Employees – Approved, trained.

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