Donau Soja/Danube Soya

Control Union is a global service provider for the soya industry and is officially approved by Danube Soya. We perform verification services to the full supply chain from the soya plantation to final consumers across the globe.

The Danube soya (Europe soya) program has been established to promote and propagate the cultivation, processing and marketing of non-GM, origin-controlled quality soya from the Danube region (and Europe). Its aim is to develop and contribute to European protein self-sufficiency. Danube soya and Europe soya are products of controlled origin and quality, differing only in terms of the origin of the soya beans. They have two essential characteristics:

  1. The soya beans originate from the Danube region (Danube soya) or Europe (Europe soya).
  2. The soya beans and the products derived from them are non-GM.

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