Fair flowers Fair Plants

FFP is an initiative that aims to stimulate sales of sustainably produced flowers and plants worldwide. Sustainable cultivation means that flowers and plants are cultivated with consideration for high demands in the fields of environment and social aspects. The FFP label gives the consumer the guarantee that the products they have bought satisfy these demands and have been produced with respect for people and nature. Part of FFP is, in fact, a tracing system that guarantees the origin and cultivation methods of the products.
How you benefit
To gain FFP certification, the producer should comply with certain requirements.
These include:
  1. Certification for the social requirement: International Code of Conduct (ICC) or comparable scheme satisfying the ICC requirements e.g. CU Fair Choice-Horticulture.
  2. Certification for the environmental requirements: MPS A or equivalent level. MPSB or equivalent level is permitted if MPS A or equivalent is reached within one year
  3. Register with Fair Flowers Fair Plants via internet and sign the FFP conditions.
What the standard looks like
‘Control Union Fair Choice-Horticulture’ is a comparable scheme that meets with the ICC requirements. This standard covers the human, social, environmental and economic principles that are needed for FFP certification. In order to get certified, enterprises should meet a minimum percentage of compliance with the standard.

When a producer is certified by Control Union Certifications for the CU Fair Choice-Horticulture standard, it is seen as proof that the producer is committed to sustainable development and improvement of social conditions, meeting the demands of conscious consumers. The number of certified producers and demanding retailers/traders is increasing globally, thereby creating new market possibilities.