FairTSA - Trade Sustainability Alliance

FairTSA has appointed Control Union Certifications as one of the bodies allowed to audit to the FairTSA standard. It was created to provide a practical standard that defines strict and meaningful conditions to give all stakeholders in the program confidence in products displaying the FairTSA logo.

FairTSA's Fair Trade standards cover agricultural products and processing, cosmetics, and handicrafts. The standards have been designed to comply with the requirements of the International Standardization Organization (ISO). Existing standards such as those of the Fair Trade Labelling Organization (FLO), SA 8000, the USDA National Organic Program and ISEAL were also taken into consideration. Fairness of price, farm workers’ rights, community development, transparency, democratic development, social progress and ecologic sustainability of production systems, valuable biotopes and endangered species are issues addressed.

Annual inspections are required to remain certified under the FairTSA standard.

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