The FairWild Standard applies to wild plant collection operations wishing to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable collection, social responsibility and fair-trade principles. FairWild certification means that buyers - from ingredient traders up to consumers - know they are dealing with legally and sustainably harvested products. They are fair traded, meaning that the benefits are felt by all those involved, right down to the local communities harvesting the wild plants.

The FairWild Standard assesses the harvest and trade of wild plants, fungi and lichen against various ecological, social and economic requirements. Use helps support efforts to ensure resources are managed, harvested and traded sustainably, providing benefits to rural producers.

Control Union has been accredited by FairWild foundation under the scope of Control Union Inspections Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka at end of 2017. At the moment Control Union is ready to perform inspections and certification.

Under the FairWild system, a definition of three different types of operator (company) is made. Depending on the company’s activities, it may be classed in multiple categories at the same time.

  • FairWild Certified Collection Operations: wild collection operations certified according to the FairWild Standard.
  • Registered Processors and Traders: wholesalers, ingredient distributors and intermediate processors of FairWild ingredients or semi-finished products.
  • Registered Licensees: finished product brand holders, i.e. the companies responsible for the labelling and marketing of the final packaged product with use of the FAIRWILD® word or design mark (or other prominent reference to the FairWild Standard).

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