GSES - Circular Economy

The Global Sustainable Enterprise System GSES® is an international standard for sustainable enterprises. Circular, sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship can be far-reaching for every company. The system supports entrepreneurs and contracting authorities in taking steps towards sustainability. With the GSES® you can measure where your organization stands in the area of CSR, SRI, CO2 reduction and the circular economy. The system is based on the ISO high level structure and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN are also integrated.
All building blocks of the GSES® can be obtained as a partial certificate. The different building blocks of the GSES® is based on the ISO standards and the British Standard and are highlighted on 3 levels;

Chain level
Company level
Product level

By going through all the steps in the system and putting the measuring stick in organisations, it is possible to measure where the organisations currently stand, what has already been achieved and what needs to be done to really do business in a sustainable way.

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