KOA - Korea Organic Aquaculture

Korea Organic Aquaculture (KOA) certification program is a system for certification of organic seafood obtained through environment-friendly fishery or food manufactured, processed, distributed using organic seafood as raw materials or entity that handle those products (only farmed fishery products).

The term “environment-friendly fishery” means an industry which produces fishery products in a healthy environment in which chemical substances, such as antibiotics and antimicrobials, are not used (or used in a minimum quantity) to promote biodiversity and conserve fishery ecosystems in a healthy condition. During production and processing, organic and non-organic products must be separated and contamination with prohibited substances must be prevented. The production and processing of organic products need to be inspected by an accredited and independent third party, according to the inspection system.

Control Union Korea is accredited by the NFQS (National Fishery Products Quality Management Service) for national certification activities related to Organic fishery product, Organic processed food (Certification body number 103).

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