Naturland Wildfish

Although aquaculture became the food sector with highest annual growth rates, the major part of all fish and seafood is still wild caught. Following the introduction of its very successful standards for organic aquaculture in the mid-1990s,  Naturland drafted its requirements for Sustainable Capture Fishery.

The main focus of certification to the Naturland Sustainable Capture Fishery standards is on small-scale fisheries and in particular those which set an especially good example. Certification to the Naturland Wildfish standards makes it obligatory to adhere to social standards at every link along the value-added chain. Products displaying the Naturland Wildfish logo must have been processed according to the Naturland standards for organic products. Besides the general requirements for sustainable fishing, individual management requirements specific to each project are applicable. These contain additional specifications addressing ecological, social and economic aspects.

You may find the steps to Naturland certification at Naturland certification.

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