Organic SAGARPA Mexico

Control Union Certifications in Mexico is officially approved by the Mexican Department of Agriculture (SENASICA – SAGARPA) to provide certification services under the Organic Mexican Standard LPO (Ley de Productos Orgánicos). Under this accreditation, we can perform inspections and certifications of plant production units, wild plants collection, livestock / poultry units, processing units and traders.
To obtain the "Organic SAGARPA Mexico" certification, the following steps must be followed:

1. Implement the Organic PracticesPractices should be reviewed and implemented in accordance with the Organic Production Law (LPO) and additional regulations. 
Conversion period: every productive unit has to go through a conversion period before it can be certified.

2. Organic plan
Each producer / operator that wishes to produce, certify and trade products classified as Organic must establish an Organic Plan in which the activities carried out in the production unit are fully described.

3. Contact an Organic Certification Body (OCO) approved by SENASICA
Producers wishing to produce, certify and commercialize their products as Organic should approach an OCO approved by SENASICA, who will guide them through the certification process (like Control Union).

4. Certification of Organic products
Once the previous steps have been covered, Control Union will carry out at least one organic inspection in which the compliance with regulations will be verified.  After reviewing the outcomes of the inspection, Control Union would issue the corresponding certificate to the applicant.

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