PEF - Product Environmental Footprint

Product claims such as green, environmentally safe, eco friendly and sustainable are becoming increasingly common. The highest levels of assurance for these claims are provided by independent third party validation through an international and standardised methodology.

A Product Environment Footprint (PEF) certification could help your organisation establish more sustainable product stewardship and related efficiency improvements.

There is a growing interest among companies in the adoption of a life cycle assessment (LCA) approach for determining the sustainability performance of their products. Currently, the LCA is considered the only method to assess and quantify the environmental impact of a product or activity (a system of products) over its entire life cycle. By determining the input of raw materials, and the output of emissions and waste products, a complete picture of the total environmental impact can be established.

Control Union Certifications offers an LCA approach based on the ISO 14040 and 14044 principles and framework. Whether your scope of interest is cradle-to-grave, cradle-to-cradle, cradle-to-gate or gate-to-gate, our team of LCA experts can ensure that your product footprint claim is verified by a qualified, independent third party.

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