Plant Dyes Standard - PDS

The Plant Dyes Standard (PDS) is developed by Indidye ( to ensure all natural content in dyes and dyeing auxiliaries. PDS offers a clear chain of custody and intends to take a holistic and responsible approach in the making of Indidye certified products accounting for each step in the supply chain from farm or field to finishing.
Consumer awareness and demand for responsible products in the market has created an impact on the textile industry. Concepts such as eco-preservation, eco-safety, environmentally benign and non-toxic sustainability in bio resourced colorants, have created a revolution in textile research and development. Research investigations have been undertaken all over the world on colorants derived from cleaner bio-resources having minimal ecological negative impacts.

Consequently, strict environmental and ecological legislations have been imposed by many countries including EU, USA and India. As a result, eco-friendly, non-toxic and naturally occurring bio-colorants have re-emerged as a subsequent alternative through green chemistry approaches with widespread applicability in the textile coloration area.

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