QS - Qualität und Sicherheit

QS – Quality and Security - is one of Europe´s biggest inspection systems for food. It includes every part of the food supply chain such as farming, processing, packing and marketing.  Created in 2001 for meat and meat products, it was expanded in 2004 to include the scope Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes. Nowadays, nearly all of the biggest European retailers expect to be served by suppliers able to deliver QS, QS-GAP and/or GLOBALG.A.P. certified food.

We offer the following certifications in the QS Supply Chain Fruit, Vegetables Potatoes:

  • QS-Production as well as QS-GAP (incl. FIAS and Regionalfenster)
  • QS-Coordinators
  • QS-Wholesale, Agency and Logistics
  • QS-Preparation/Processing

QS certification promotes trade through mutual recognition of standards and inspections. The QS system provides a 3-level inspection system:

  1. Self-assessment in accordance with QS requirements
  2. Independent inspection by CUC Germany GmbH and analyses by QS recognised laboratories
  3. Random sample audits by CUC Germany GmbH on behalf of QS

Feel free to contact us for comprehensive information. If you are already interested in certification, you can fill out the application form below and send it to us to receive a non-binding offer.

For further information please visit the QS website and check the latest documents.

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