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Control Union Certifications (CUC) has signed a Partnership with Blue Inspections Certification Body

CUC has signed a partnership with Blue Inspections Certification Body for Medical Cannabis Certification.
In addition to Control Union Medical Cannabis Standard (CUMCS) certification, Control Union Certifications is now able to offer EU-GMP Pharma certification via German based Blue Inspection Body GmbH for medical Cannabis!

On 17th October, 2019 Control Union Certifications signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Blue Inspection Body GmbH, Europe’s leading service provider of accredited GMP audits of API manufacturers (API audits) and excipient manufacturers (excipient audits). Blue Inspection Body GmbH is accredited by Dakks, to perform EU-GMP Pharma audits worldwide.

This exclusive partnership offers clients the combined services of Good Agricultural and Collection Practices for Medicinal Plants (GACP), Control Union Medical Cannabis Standard (CUMCS-G.A.P) and European Union-Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceuticals (EU-GMP Pharma).

This partnership aims to provide a ONE-STOP SHOP solution for all services in the global medical Cannabis supply chain. Therefore, whereas CUC audits cultivation and post-harvest processes against CUMCS and GACP, blue inspection audits manufacturing and processing activities (e.g. extraction of oil from cannabis plant) against EU-GMP Pharma. Additionally blue’s auditors will also verify whether the suppliers of our clients work in accordance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP).

NB: Clients who request for EU-GMP Pharma certification in addition to CUMCS need to complete a questionnaire in order to prepare a concrete and adequate quotation.

For more information please contact:

Udi Gabay   –
Reut Rom bar Semech –
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