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Control Union Certifications develops Hybrid Audit solution

Control Union Certifications develops Hybrid Audit solution to take trust and compliance to the next level  

With the COVID-19 global crisis making it challenging to have auditors on location globally, Control Union has developed a novel solution to ensure they can continue to deliver for clients.

In the past, authorised auditors would need to physically be on site to complete an audit. Now, by combining technology and Control Union’s expertise, the company can offer a new Hybrid Audit, carried out with one auditor on site and one in a remote location. 

The auditor on site uses a Microsoft HoloLens 2 to provide live pictures to the auditor sitting remotely. They communicate via Microsoft Teams to discuss in detail the audit at the location. At least one of the auditors is authorized for the program audited.

Jan-Frans Bastiaanse, Director for Control Union Certifications, explains: “The current global situation has brought home that we can do things in a different way. Our Hybrid Audit solution reduces travel costs and unnecessary emissions while delivering the detailed and authorized audit that would previously only have been possible by having a team of auditors on site.  

With this solution, through the eyes of an auditor on location, the authorized auditor joins remotely and can complete a physical audit of the location without ever having to leave their home or office, providing significant cost savings to our clients.”

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