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Control Union Certifications has introduced new certification for vegan products

Control Union Certifications has launched a new certification for the production and processing of vegan products, reflecting the increasing global importance of vegan lifestyle choices.
The new Global Vegan Production Standard certification is initially for food industries to assure consumers that products have been produced and traded in strict adherence to vegan principles.

The certification specifically recognises good practice in the production, processing, transportation, handling and trading of vegan products. It is soon to be expanded to include non-food industries including textiles and cosmetics. It is also the only known vegan production certification that includes onsite visits as standard.

Binay Kumar Choudhury, Managing Director of Control Union India, explains: “There is an increasing global demand for vegan products, from food to textiles, cosmetics and many others, and consumers need confidence that the products they purchase meet the expected animal welfare, health and sustainability standards.

“Our new certification ensures that, covering all aspects of the supply chain, from production to trading of products and global standards, and can be applied to a variety of sectors.”

The certification is being rolled out globally across Control Union Certifications’ operations.
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