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Control Union Certifications issued 1st GSES certificate

Today, Groenendijk Workwear was awarded the 1st GSES certificate by Control Union Certifications. With the GSES certificate, Groenendijk Workwear has an international and distinctive certificate. With the Global Sustainable Enterprise certificate, Groenendijk Workwear demonstrates that its work meets strict requirements in the field of corporate social responsibility, socially responsible purchasing, circular business and CO2 reduction.

The GSES certifications of Groenendijk workwear show that it is ambitious and that sustainability is carried out at all levels in the organisation. Examples are the Textilepoint return system, circular product design and the recently circularly converted business premises.


The international holistic GSES standard is based on GRI, ISO 9001:2015 (HLS), ISO 26000, ISO 20400, ISO 14064-1, ISO 50001, BS 8001. In the Netherlands, the GSES platform and the Global Sustainable Enterprise standard were launched in August 2018, and in the Netherlands there is a lot of enthusiasm for this international standard by the meta approach and exemption module that is included.

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