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Control Union Certifications joins the Cool Farm Alliance

Control Union Certifications has recently become a member of the Cool Farm Alliance. The Cool Farm Alliance brings together farmers, NGOs, multinational food suppliers and retailers to promote agricultural practices that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.
The mission of the Alliance is: “To enable millions of growers globally to make more informed on-farm decisions that reduce their environmental impact. Focusing on greenhouse gases in the first phase, the Alliance provides the Cool Farm Tool as a quantified decision support tool that is credible and standardized. The Cool Farm Alliance serves as both a knowledge platform and a tool development forum.”

The online Cool Farm Tool started as an on-farm GHG calculator but is has been further developed to include modules for measuring water and biodiversity. The Tool also provides scientifically robust quantification methods that are sensitive to farm and field scale management choices. It gives growers the ability to plug in their farm and practices and get immediate results and instant feedback on the impact of different farming management options using “what-if” scenarios.

This membership will give Control Union Certifications opportunities to serve its clients even better with regards to Green House Gas/ Emission calculations. Control Union Certifications will also start participating in the industry discussions.

For more information or questions: Mrs. Natalie Sluggett +44 79 9007 7731 or Mr. Prakhar Goel +31 651 310 608

Click here for an overview of the members of the Cool Farm Alliance.

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