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Control Union is proud to serve as a partner to the first ranch and Farm Group in North America to be certified to the RWS!

Shaniko Wool Company is the first US farm group to achieve the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certification, and Control Union USA is proud to have served as their certifying office!

Shaniko Wool Company established the farm group to scale the economics and supply of RWS-certified US wool available to US brands. They facilitate the certification of member ranches, purchase the certified wool and convert it to clean wool product for downstream processing. For the last three Winter Olympics, Ralph Lauren has looked to Jeanne Carver as a partner for American wool, and this time, her Shaniko Wool Company supplied RWS certified wool for the Team USA Olympians’ uniforms.

Shaniko Wool Company understands that sustainability should be more than a trend and since January, 2020, has created a Carbon Initiative to determine their net carbon budgets and measure their carbon sequestration.

For more information about the RWS certification, contact us at

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