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Partnership Greenkey and Control Union Certifications (CUC)

CUC and Green Key have formalised a cooperation with the aim of having CUC conducting Green Key on-site audits.

CUC is an international auditing company founded in the Netherlands in 2002, but today CUC has national offices in 70 countries around the world. The company has a long track record of conducting audits in many areas of operation, including sustainability audits within the hospitality industry. 

Johan Maris, Director at Control Union, says: “We are happy to be able to extend our large portfolio of services to include Green Key onsite audits, and with the CUC offices in many countries around the world, we are often able to identify a local auditor to reduce travel costs and carbon emission.”

Through the agreement, CUC is offering its service of being able to conduct Green Key onsite audits at applicant establishments located in countries without a Green Key National Operator.

Finn Bolding Thomsen, International Director at Green Key adds: “We are experiencing a growing interest in Green Key from establishments all over the world, and with our strict system of having regular onsite audits we will need additional third-party auditors, so CUC with its large network of national offices fit well to our needs.”  

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