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Plastic Free certification resumes with a new standard

Certification of the award-winning Plastic Free Trust Mark, now known as the Plastic Free Certification Mark, by A Plastic Planet has resumed with a new standard in place that is managed by Control Union.

Since the pioneering partnership between Control Union and A Plastic Planet launched at the Packaging Innovations conference last year, A Plastic Planet has been working with its material science expert panel and the certification team at Control Union to develop a certification standard that will enable brands and businesses to verify their products and/or packaging as 100% plastic free.

What is the Plastic Free Certification Mark?

The Plastic Free Certification Mark is a clear, unmistakable logo designed to appear on the front of packaging to inform consumers that it is not made of plastic, but alternative more environmentally friendly materials. Not only that, it demonstrates a brand or business’s commitment to a sustainable future without plastic packaging.

What is considered to be plastic free?

To be considered as plastic free, Control Union will audit brands and businesses against set criteria to ensure the packaging is manufactured from compostable materials (biomaterials which are certified as compostable and contain at least 50% bio-based carbon) or other materials, such as glass, wood or metal.

Other factors taken into consideration include the product inside the packaging, excluding food, drinks and pharmaceuticals, as well as the percentage of bio-based content and the amount of other substances that could potentially be damaging to human health or the environment, such as Bisphenols or PFCs.

What can display the Plastic Free Certification Mark?

Once awarded, the Plastic Free Certification Mark can be applied to retail ready products, material products and packaging products.

Retail ready products are finished, branded products sold by retailers. For food, drinks and pharmaceuticals, the Certification Mark can be placed on packaging only. For non-food and drink products, the packaging and contents must both be plastic free to display the Certification Mark.

Material products are compostable films or paper board, which can be found in the supply chain. The Certification Mark can be used in the business’s marketing communications but must not be visible on the material itself, which could be combined with plastic in its final form.

Packaging products must clearly state ‘This packaging is Plastic Free’ next to the Certification Mark to depict that although the packaging is 100% plastic free, the contents inside may not be.

For more information on the Plastic Free Certification Mark and the new certification standard, please call +44 (0)20 7488 2210 or email

To apply for the Plastic Free Certification Mark, please fill in this application form.

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