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RFTO verifications release financial rewards for fuel suppliers and support net zero targets

Control Union UK has been approved by the Department for Transport (DfT) to provide verification against the Responsible Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) scheme and is now providing this service to major fuel suppliers.

RFTO verificationsAs part of the government’s efforts to hit its 2050 net zero target, the DfT introduced the RTFO in 2008 to drive Green House Gas emissions reductions in the transport sector. The RTFO scheme requires suppliers of transport fuels to demonstrate that they are including renewable sources in their production processes. Renewable fuels include biodiesel from used cooking oil, and bioethanol from corn and biomethane from municipal waste. Suppliers do have the option to pay a fixed fee to ‘buy-out’ of the scheme, but with the government proposing to increase the cost of doing so, and the environmental imperative of compliance, demand for verifications under the scheme is rising.

Our verifications are registered with the DfT and allow our clients to claim Responsible Transport Fuel Certificates or Green House Gas credits which have significant financial value when traded on the open market, meaning they are actively rewarded for reducing the Green House Gas emissions of their product.

One of our major UK clients provided this quote:

“Recently we started working with Control Union UK for verifications against the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations (RTFO) requirements. It has been a refreshing experience thanks to their clear communication and transparent pricing structure. Control Union UK are willing to innovate their services to develop new combinations for the biofuels verification market. We are looking forward to engaging further with Control Union UK to cocreate more efficient and rewarding services.”

For more information about RTFO verifications call +44 (0)20 7488 2210 or email

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