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Training and adaptation of internal processes by Control Union Certifications B.V.

In the coming period Control Union Certifications B.V. (CUC) wishes to inform you of improvements it is making to its training as well as its internal processes. Please find below the first of our improvements.
Online training for organic certification processes by CUC
Maintaining knowledge and staying up-to-date has been a priority at CUC. This is why CUC is happy to announce that its organic training program for auditors now also includes an online training module that highlights in great detail all the various steps participants are expected to go through, as well as the methods and techniques that can be deployed during an audit.

By offering our auditors online trainings, we become far more flexible in ensuring that the knowledge remains up-to-date. We also maintain our face-to-face group trainings since we believe that colleagues sharing experiences and expertise of great added value for the quality of the work that we provide. This online training course and the passing of the exam is part of the mandatory annual training for all staff that work in organic auditing and certification.

Organic Certifier Training Course
In the first week of May 2019, and leading up to the introduction of this online e-learning system, CUC organised a five-day face-to-face refresher course specifically for the company’s organic certifiers held in its head office in the Netherlands. Thirty participants attended the refresher course, and topics of presentation were, among others: Mass Balance and Traceability Assessment during Organic Audits, Yield calculation,  Unannounced audits, Procedure of Action in case of Residue Cases (OFIS and CU sampling), Evaluation of Inputs (crops/processing), COIs (Traces)/TCs documentary traceability and physical checks.
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