Online platform - Foreign Supplier verification program (FSVP) Management

Our online platform will enable US importers to manage their suppliers’ data in compliance with the FSVP. This will be done by off-site, ongoing monitoring and risk assessment of the required documents. 

  1. Foreign suppliers/exporters will complete a risk assessment online and then a review will be conducted to assist suppliers/exporters to get FDA ready. 
  1. A compliance review of the at-risk products and systems in place will be conducted online by trained Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI’s) and experienced Food Safety Lead auditors with a robust FDA background and competency. 
  1. Feedback will be give online to request any outstanding documents or identify any potential non-compliances. 
  1. Ongoing monitoring will enable the supplier/exporter to be ready to be verified by the US importer.


Our platform will enable US importers to demonstrate to the FDA an integrated system to manage compliance requirements and supporting documentation. 

Appointed PCQI’s within companies may then utilize the platform to review the FSVP requirements, including having a supplier verification program and live compliance system to ensure continuous compliance with the FSVP requirements.

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