Ballast water systems

IMO and USCG type approval is crucial for ballast water management system (BWMS) manufacturers.
Control Union Certifications is a US Coast Guard-accepted Independent Laboratory (IL) for testing of BWMS in accordance with 46 CFR 162.060.

We provide a single contactpoint for contracting, planning, execution and QA/QC to deliver the type approval program manufacturers are looking for.
We subcontract various aspects of the test program solely to USCG-accepted sublabs.

Independent Laboratory
Control Union Certifications offers the following services as part of our IL scope:
•         Readiness evaluation
•         Environmental component testing
•         Land based testing
•         Shipboard testing
•         Whole Effluent Toxicity testing
•         Disinfection By-product analysis
•         Scaling study review and verification
•         Reporting

IMO G8 type approval
We offer hybrid test programs to all manufacturers wishing to achieve IMO G8 type approval in parallel with USCG type approval. Valuable synergy is achieved through our role as single contactpoint for both the USCG and the designated national administration. Through day-to-day coordination and regular inspections of sublabs we continuously ensure the quality of the test process.

Additional services
•         IMO G9 Basic and Final Approval testing and Dossier formation
•         Corrosion studies
•         VGP, Vessel General Permit’s incidental discharge sampling and analysis

Control Union Water
Control Union Water is on of CUC's USCG-accepted sublabs, located at Seaport Texel in The Netherlands. For +10 years, the facility has been dedicated to land-based testing of BWMS. It offers:
•         Predictable supply of valid challenge water
•         All salinity regimes readily available
•         Ability to test “In-tank” treatment systems
•         Infrastructure to facilitate water flows up to 300 m3/hour

R&D services
•         Pre-testing (proof-of-concept, bench-scale or full-scale)
•         “Shanghai” filter test: standardised filtration testing up to 1000 mg/L

Control Union Water is a partner of the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ).
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