Reporting, Tracking & Tracing

Control Union Certifications registers all relevant data during a certification process, including the name of employee involved as well as the process behind any decision that was made. The customer has always full access to their files via our online client portal.

Following all inspections and audits, a visit report is produced and signed off by the auditor.

The customer will be informed about the findings as well as having full access to their files.

The setup of the report changes in line with the required standards, as well as for the purpose of the inspection that was carried out but a report will always include a brief summary, to give an overview of key points, such as why it was concluded that a client was or wasn't in compliance with a certain requirement.

This is so you have a clear view on what actions are needed to comply with that specific requirement

It is important to Control Union to make our customers jobs as easy as possible.