Statement from Control Union India

Statement from Control Union India on the article ‘That organic cotton t-shirt may not be as organic as you think’ in New York Times published on February 13, 2022

We note that this article states Control Union was contacted to confirm some of the information contained in it.  This is not the case – we were not contacted by the New York Times or by the journalists working on the article.

As per Control Union policy and procedure, the scope certificate along with transaction certificates and yield estimation of incoming transacted raw cotton are checked properly through ginning certification and processing documents.

The authenticity of transaction certificates is checked through a digital system and is confirmed with the certification body under a competent authority such as APEDA (Agriculture Process Export Development Agency), TE (Textile Exchange) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

All records of raw cotton data in the certified premises submitted to us by clients are checked as per the guidelines of the standard owners and we have a robust system of traceability through our internal databases, along with test reports such as GMO (genetically modified organism) and pesticides (genetic modification as per ISO IWA 32 and NABL accredited pesticide reports). The authenticity of incoming transaction certificates and test reports are checked with the related issuing authority as appropriate.

Control Union India, as the responsible certification body, has been recognised as the best certification body both by Government and private initiatives. Recent developments on ETO contamination, which have put restriction of five certification body under EEC-NPOP (European Economic Community as EU Commission and National Programme for Organic Production by APEDA) equivalence agreement, is due to ETO (ethylene oxide) contamination in sesame – and not in organic cotton as the article wrongly implies.

Control Union India has always been supportive and transparent to the standard owners while obtaining accreditation certificates. The trading and partial processing of intended exported materials, such as sesame, certified by Control Union to Europe has found to be ETO contaminated due to lack of accredited testing facilities in India at the time of occurrence or its presence. 

Our esteemed clients and standard owners value our certification process and Control Union India will continue to deliver its valuable service to clients, maintaining the utmost trust in ethical system of certification process.

Contact details:

Dr. Binay Kumar Choudhury, Chairman, Control Union India; @ +91-9969002860

Kristiaan Van Den Keybus: Managing Director, Control Union India;  @ +91-8657977508
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