OBP _ Ocean Bound Plastic

OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC (Abandoned plastic waste on its way to our oceans) is a critical element in the fight against Oceanic Plastic Pollution.

“It is estimated that 80% of the ocean’s plastic contamination originated from land, which means that 80% of plastic in oceans was previously OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC”.

Focusing on capturing OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC before it becomes ocean plastic is therefore a direct and very effective way to limit the damages our oceans are suffering. The goal of this Certification is to encourage the capture of OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC by giving it an additional value and recognition in the market.

Control Union can provide certification for:

1. Collectors (Organizations Collecting OBP in the environment)
2. Financiers (Organizations paying for the Collection of OBP in the environment)
3. Recyclers (Organizations in the plastic recycling value chain up to the fabrication of Plastic packaging and consumer products)