Custom programs

International companies and brands often implement their own policy on good practices in the field of food safety, from both social and environmental point of view. Control Union Certifications supports clients through the setup, roll-out and monitoring of the implementation of custom programmes throughout their supply chain.

For the past 10 years, Control Union Certifications has supported a range of multinational companies with their ambitions to manage a safe and sustainable supply chain.

Control Union Certifications staff help our customers with the design of their custom program and the roll-out plan, including the staffing necessary for to meet their goals.

Our flexible network of highly-trained and experienced staff has proven to be an added value for our customers, allowing fast responses to issues - such as a need for last minute training, a necessary visit to a location or simply needing specific expertise - to be a possibility. 

The Sustainable Agricultural Initiative (SAI) platform has also appointed Control Union as its enabling partner as a recognition of our expertise in the field.

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