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CONNECTED announces its new website launch

CONNECTED, the global supply chain traceability service of Control Union, has launched its new website Find out more about the core business of CONNECTED and the importance of a sustainable supply chain and its transparency, traceability and data analytics.
“Today, users expect quicker, more efficient and reliable ways to obtain information. CONNECTED as an online global traceability service, which supports different industries, helps companies to achieve their commitments regarding responsible sourcing and having a better understanding of complex supply chains,” said Eduardo Bezerra, Business Development Manager of Control Union Switzerland. “Since the launch of the CONNECTED system 12 months ago, over 900 companies are using the system on a daily basis and working together in compliance with CONNECTED, connecting brands to the origin of their raw material sources.”
Check out the new CONNECTED website to learn how this traceability system supports different industries, such as the textile, food and feed food safety, recycled materials and minerals. We will keep you regularly updated with news about CONNECTED and Control Union’s services, accomplishments and events.

Control Union CONNECTED supply chain traceability
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