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Control Union launches CONNECTED: trace your apparel now

CONNECTED is designed to help the apparel industry meet its commitments to supply chain transparency and responsible sourcing and has been designed in collaboration with H&M - a founding member of the platform. A unique supply chain traceability and data service, CONNECTED will help supply chains in the apparel industry that are complex, distributed over several tiers and several countries. Retailers and brand owners need visibility beyond just first or second tier suppliers to ensure they are not exposed to the well-known risks in the rest of the chain.

CONNECTED gives companies full visibility over their entire supply chains. It also collects a variety of data helping them to assess the risks and their impact on communities and the environment.
Initial trainings to a selected number of H&M’s viscose suppliers have successfully completed and more suppliers are joining the system every day.

Engagement and support to suppliers along the chains is a key priority of this service. To make sure that everyone remains committed, dedicated support centres have been established in all producing regions. A local CONNECTED representative is always available to guide suppliers in using the system, to address technical issues or for general enquiries.

Franco Costantini, Senior Manager Supply Chain Services at Control Union said, “CONNECTED is the product of several years’ experience with successful traceability projects for leading brands which have helped us identify and understand the challenges and needs along the entire supply chain, from farms to retailers. Thanks to our extensive geographical presence we have established collaboration with producers and have been able to get a comprehensive view on what a supply chain traceability solution should look like.

CONNECTED offers the right balance between system capabilities, ease of use and industry-specific requirements, supported by Control Union’s expertise in understanding textile supply chains through our other core activities in textile certifications and due diligence services.”

The system includes traceability features for man-made wood fibre cellulosic materials (viscose, rayon, modal, lyocell and other trademarked brands) in response to the over 100 fashion brands looking to meet their CanopyStyle initiative commitments, including not sourcing from ancient and endangered forests. It incorporates compliance targets that pull in the results from the CanopyStyle verification audits and “Hot Button” producer rankings. CONNECTED will continue to evolve in future months to consider the growing demand and offer of fabrics made from alternative and next generation fibres such as recycled clothing and left-over straw.

CONNECTED is based on an open traceability platform allowing retailers, brand owners and producers to map their supply chains, track materials, monitor compliances and have access to a variety of supply chain data, from volumes of transactions to order lead times.

For more information please contact
Franco Costantini T +44 7788130199      

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