Notícias e eventos


Plastic Free certification resumes with a new standard

Certification of the award-winning Plastic Free Trust Mark, now known as the Plastic Free Certification Mark, by A Plastic Planet has resumed with a new standard in place that is managed by Control Union.

OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC NEUTRAL A new environmental label to neutralise plastic contamination

Control Union and Zero Plastic Oceans are launching a new component to their Ocean Bound Plastic
(OBP) certification program. Initially designed to encourage the recycling of OBP, this program has
been reinforced by the introduction of a label promoting the collection and proper disposal of nonrecyclable OBP. Two certification subprograms are now available: the “Recyclable Ocean Bound
Plastic Certification” and the new “Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality Certification.”

Acquisition of Finotrol Oy by Control Union

Finotrol Oy and Control Union have agreed on an acquisition in which the entire share capital of Finotrol Oy have been transferred to Control Union. The acquisition will not cause any changes to the certification services previously offered by Finotrol Oy, but it will enable the provision of completely new, even more extensive certification services both in Scandinavia and the Baltic region.