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Control Union implements additional measurements for Ginners in India to strengthen the organic cotton movement

Statement from Johan Maris, Board member of Peterson and Control Union and Chairman of the Control Union Global Certification team:

“Control Union has a long and proud history in the certification of organic cotton around the world. We are pleased to see that the interest in organic cotton is growing rapidly, however we are also aware of the recently discovered instances of fraud in India and the concerns in the market around a potential upcoming shortage of the material.

While previously we have had limited involvement in the certification of Ginners, we currently have several hundred active applicants.  This is due, in part, to some certification organisations losing accreditation, as well the preference of some brands to have one certification organisation for their entire supply chain. While privileged to have this position, in order to secure the integrity of the organic cotton product we will implement extra measures for the upcoming season in India.

Every Ginner that is under contract to Control Union will undergo a detailed risk assessment and will be visited by two auditors, with one specifically reporting and documenting. For Certification Bodies this is a common measure to take in situations that require specific attention. Our efforts to strengthen the organic cotton sector in India deserves such special attention. In doing this, we also strengthen the principle of certification as a way to positively differentiate a product or company from those that are non-certified. In line with this, retailers and consumers can count on certifications issued by Control Union.”  

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