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New FSC® standard

An adjustment to the FSC Chain of Custody certification was approved by the FSC Board of Directors on 14th January 2021. FSC-COC-40-004 V3-1 will be the new standard and will be effective from 1st September 2021. Each certificate holder must comply to this new version within the transition period, which starts at the 1st September 2021 and runs until 31st December 2022.

FSC has taken a big step with this revision by adding working conditions to the certification program. This means that certified companies are obliged to comply with the principle of the ILO Core Conventions. Various webinars will be organized by FSC, also for certificate holders. For more information, please visit the FSC International website (

It is required by FSC, that a policy statement must be drawn up regarding the working conditions, as well as an internal assessment that specifies how the company complies regards to the working conditions.

It is important that the organization can demonstrate that they meet the requirements during the audit. The policy statement must be present, and the internal assessment must be reviewed. In addition, the auditor must verify if the organization follows up the principles based on various sources of information and national legislation on the relevant requirements. The relevance, effectiveness and adequacy of the internal assessment will be examined. Documents on its own, however, are not enough. If necessary, this will be supplemented with interviews with employees that have been involved.

You can find this new standard on the FSC International website:

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