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CBL Natural Foods is awarded for export efforts

CBL Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd. has recently been awarded ‘Presidential Export Award’ by the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka for being the highest foreign exchange earner’ of organic foods in 2017/18.This award is a prodigious milestone of CBL Natural Foods as it shows the local government is recognising their efforts and progress in exporting organic foods.

Control Union has been acting as the organic control body of CBL Natural Foods since their start up. The Sri Lanka branch of Control Union has been heavily involved in ensuring CBL Natural Foods supply chain follows the regulations for organic foods.

Being the Organic control body of from the beginning, Control Union Sri Lanka shares the glee of this awe-inspiring triumph while well-wishing for their future endeavors.

CBL Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd. is a subsidiary of Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL Group of Companies) with a history running back for 28 years. With almost three decades of experience in hand, CBL Natural Foods begun exporting fruits and vegetables with the guiding principle of "Give the customer what nature would give in its own way". CBL Natural Food’s  vision is to become the leading global source of natural foods, this is supported by their corporate mission which focusses on organic production and ensuring sustainability of the farming communities.

From the beginning CBL Natural Foods worked closely with small holder subsistent farmers of rural economy. By today they have managed to get over 3500 hectares of land organically certified, while uplifting the livelihood of producers. CBL Natural Foods is also an ISO 22000, BRC, IFS certified company demonstrating their commitment to maintaining international organic and fairtrade standards in all of their produce handling locations.

CBL Natural Foods mainly exports dehydrated fruits, jar and canned fruits, coconut products, cashew nuts and spices . These are mostly being exported to countries like USA, Canada, German, England, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Japan and Australia.

CBL Natural Foods - Control Union

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