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Control Union Dnjestr is approved for Moldavian Organics

Control Union Dnjestr, in the Republic of Moldova, received the local accreditation according ISO 17065 for Moldavian organics (OC-prec005) and as a consequence a recognition by the Moldavian Ministry of Agriculture.
Control Union Dnjestr is now the only certification body within the Republic of Moldova, who can offer certification according Moldavian Organics (enabling farmers to receive a significant subsidy from the government) and is listed by the European Union as a certification body that provides equivalent guarantees which enables exporters in Moldova to export products as organic to the European Union (Reg. 1235/2008). This combination provides importers and exporters with a significant benefit in their daily business.

Control Union Dnjestr can audit, in one visit, an  operation  for all major international organic standards, including  the Moldavian Organic standards. With the Control Union certificate issued according local Moldavian standards, farmers can apply for subsidies in Moldova according to decision no. 455 of 21.06.2017.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Gyorgyi Acs Feketene via gacs@controlunion.com

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