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Findus Italy and Nomad Foods Europe Group launch the partnership with SAI Platform and Control Union for their Sustainable Agriculture Program

With the media event “GROWING THE FUTURE FOR A SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE”, Findus, the largest Italian Frozen Food company, launched the partnership with SAI Platform and Control Union in a project that will engage more than 700 farms all around Europe.

Such event is only the beginning of the journey for NOMAD FOODS EUROPE, the group owning Findus Italy, leader of the Frozen Food business in Europe. 

In fact all their European supply and farming base will be engaged into the same path to Sustainable Farming.

Using the FSA (Farmer Sustainability Assessment) scheme, recently published by SAI Platform, Control Union is already fully active in the pre-assessment of a few farms to define the starting base of the project and to identify any eventual gaps to be covered for the Findus farming base to be compliant with the company ambitious goal: to source 90% of their vegetable volumes from Sustainable Agriculture by the end of 2019.

Control Union will then be engaged in the training of all NOMAD agricultural technicians and at the end of their own “homework”, with the gaps covering exercise and the execution of the required self-assessments, Control Union will be asked to make the Final Verification.

The entire project is very ambitious and foresees a total involvement of more than 700 farms and 8 large size factories in Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, UK, Sweden and Norway.

The project is coordinated by Control Union Italy and will represent an important additional “space” taken by Control Union in the SAI Platform sustainable agriculture programmes.

Nomad Control Union

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