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Namibia Hake Fishery becomes the second in Africa to earn the MSC certification

The Namibia hake trawl and longline fishery as assessed by Control Union UK has become the second African fishery to meet the rigorous requirements for sustainable fishing set by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Following a three year process the fishery, managed by the Namibian Hake Association was certified as meeting the MSC standard in November 2020. The certification decision made by Control Union UK highlights the strides made in the recovery of the Namibian hake stock and how implementation of well-designed fisheries management plan can lead to a sustainable fishery after significant overfishing in the past. It is also testament to how stakeholder engagement with entities such as the Albatross Task Force can lead to successful sustainable outcomes.

You can read more about this success, and the benefits this certification will have to the Namibian community, from the relevant parties in the certification, the wider supply chain and MSC at the following links:



The assessment documents are available at https://fisheries.msc.org/en/fisheries/namibia-hake-trawl-and-longline-fishery/@@assessments

Contact person: Hugh Jones, hjones@controlunion.com

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