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regenagri® to judge finalists of InVivo Quest EuroTour Innovation Challenge

regenagri is delighted to form part of the jury that will judge finalists from the UK and Ireland in the InVivo Quest EuroTour 2020-2021 Innovation Challenge, taking place 23 to 25 March 2021.

In its fourth year, InVivo Quest aims to identify start-up businesses in European agri-food sectors that use emerging advances and technology to aid the transition towards sustainable agricultural practices and resilient food supply chains.

In this year’s programme, InVivo Quest has been through a rigorous selection process of applicants to choose a group of finalists in each European country, of which regenagri will assist in judging the UK and Ireland cohort.

Technological focus

Several areas of technological expertise have been identified within the innovative agri-business sector:


  • Precision farming, using IoT tools to collect and analyse data
  • Bio-control and bio-stimulants
  • Controlled environment agriculture


  • New sources of protein
  • Solutions to reduce food waste


  • Bio-packaging
  • New in-store and online customer experiences
  • Traceability and blockchain


  • By-product development
  • Carbon sequestration

Judging criteria

As part of the jury, regenagri will evaluate the proposals from the UK and Irish finalists, based on four criteria:

  • Impact – scale of environmental and social impact of the solution
  • Technique – innovation and differentiation
  • Business – business model and market validation, development and management
  • Finance – fundraising and equity capital

To learn more about the InVivo Quest EuroTour 2020-2021 and find out the results of this year’s challenge, visit https://www.invivoquesteurotour2020-2021.com/

About regenagri®

Launched in 2020 by Control Union UK, regenagri is a regenerative agriculture initiative aimed at securing the health of the land and the wealth of those who leave on it.

It supports farms to transition to holistic farming systems that increase soil health, encourage biodiversity and sequester CO2.

regenagri is a complete solution including a digital platform with assessments tools & data analytics and supporting services such as certifications and advisory.

regenagri also provides a route to carbon credits markets and environmental related subsidies.

For more info: info@regenagri.org

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