Plastic Free

Certification of the award-winning Plastic Free Trust Mark, now known as the Plastic Free Certification Mark, has resumed with a new standard in place that is managed by Control Union.

This certification standard enables brands and businesses to verify their products and/or packaging as 100% plastic free.

The Certification Mark is a clear, unmistakable logo which appears on the front of packaging to inform consumers that it is not made of plastic, but alternative, more environmentally friendly materials. It also demonstrates a brand or business’s commitment to a sustainable future without plastic packaging.

To be considered as plastic free, Control Union audits against set criteria to ensure a product and/or packaging is manufactured from compostable materials, or other materials, such as glass, wood or metal.

Once awarded, the Certification Mark can be applied to retail-ready products, material products and packaging products.
For more information on the Plastic Free Certification Mark and the new certification standard, please call +44 (0)20 7488 2210 or email


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