RecyClass - Recycled Plastics Certification

Approximately 36% of all plastic produced is to create packaging, 85% of which ends up in landfills. Ensuring a circular plastic economy is one way to reduce environmental impact and resource depletion. RecyClass aims to improve plastic recycling by developing a reliable methodology to calculate and verify the recycled content in plastic products.
RecyClass stands for traceability, transparency and trust.RecyClass
RecyClass Recycled Plastic is designed for companies using recycled plastics on their products or packages. All actors of the plastics value chain using recycled plastics may apply. To be eligible for the RecyClass Recycled Plastic Certification, your recycler(s) should be certified with the RecyClass Recycling Process Certification, or any other equivalent certification in line with EN 15343, and your product should be made of plastics.

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