Moldavian Organic Regulations - 115/2005, 149/2006, 1078/2008, 884/2014

Control Union Dnjestr in the Republic of Moldova is accredited as a certification body by MOLDAC (the Moldavian Accreditation Body) to provide services according to Moldavian organic regulations. This allows the inspection and certification of plant production units, processed agricultural products (foods) and feed under regulations 115/2005, 149/2006, 1078/2008 and 884/2014.

The principle of organic agriculture is the sustainable production of food from balanced and fertile soil. Farms have to be managed according to organic regulations without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and synthetics.

During production and processing, organic and non-organic products must be clearly separated and contamination must be prevented and to reach the organic market, the whole chain of organic production needs to be inspected.

Once all requirements have been fulfilled under regulations 115/2005, 149/2006, 1078/2008 and 884/2014, Control Union Dnjestr can issue an organic certificate and the Moldavian organic logo can be used on the certified products.

According to Moldavian organic regulations, each farm must be individually audited and certified - group certification is not permitted.

Local regulations, application forms and more information can be found at

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