QMGS - Quality Mark Good Soil

Quality Mark Good Soil (QMGS) is intended for companies that supply and / or sell potting soils, ground covers and soil improvers within the hobby sector. QMGS provides a good answer to the requirements and wishes of consumers and customers.

QMGS is the quality mark, which guarantees the safety, quality, composition, purity and usability of the product. Attention is paid to traceability, chemical, physical and phytosanitary aspects. A package of requirements applies to all packaged products under QMGS, including:

  • comply with local legislation;
  • no harmful compounds or substances for plants
  • plant protection products must not be used at production locations
  • no undesired contaminants such as stone, glass or plastic
  • properties of the batch are the same throughout the batch
  • choice of raw materials
  • when packaging products, European volume standard EN-12580 must be complied with.

A company / production site that meets the requirements of QMGS is awarded a certificate. QMGS is managed by the Quality Mark Good Soil foundation.

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